Neutein™ Is A Revolutionary Brain Supplement That Has Been Featured In:

More Clinical Trials Than Any Other Memory Supplement

9 out of 10 Physicians prefer their patients take Neutein™ over other leading memory supplements. Neutein™ is supported by 12 clinical trials and proven to support attention, focus, information recall, memory, and sleep.

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All-Natural Patented Ingredient Combination That You'll Only Find In Neutein™

We have exclusive rights to the Neutein™ formulation. You won't find it anywhere else, and it has been clinically tested more than any other brain supplement

Patented Spearmint Extract

Clinically shown to increase working memory, multi-tasking, and sleep quality

Neumentix™, proprietary polyphenols derived from spearmint contains herbal extracts from a unique line of spearmint plants, Mentha Spicata, containing more than 50 types of polyphenol antioxidants such as rosmarinic acid and salvianolic acid. The spearmint used in Neutein™ is grown on family farms in Indiana.

Potent Lutein Extract

Naturally occurring carotenoids that blocks blue light to combat degeneration

FloraGLO™ is the most trusted and clinically tested lutein brand in the world. The proprietary form of lutein found in our formula has been used in over 70 research studies from infants to elderly. The marigold flowers used to make ingredients in Neutein™ are grown on family farms in India and processed in Iowa.

Neutein™ vs. Everyone Else

Neutein™ is the most tested and proven brain supplement on the market

Prevagen Focus Factor
# of Clinical Studies 12 1 1
#of People in Studies 508 218 96
Longest Clinical Study 120 days 90 days 45 days
All-Natural, Plant Based Yes No No
Continued Use Benefits? Yes Unknown Unknown
Improves Sustained Focus Yes No No
Improves Working Memory Yes No Yes
Improves Ability to Fall Asleep Yes No No
Improves Concentration Yes Unknown Unknown
Improves Reaction Time Yes Unknown No
All Ingredients FDA Safe Yes Yes No

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How Does Neutein Work?

Take 2 With Water

Enjoy Improved Memory, Focus & Recall

Keep Taking Daily for Improved Effects

What Neutein Customers are Saying

Sharper Mind All Day Long

Jayson Hunter

Verified Purchase I have used this product so that I can be more productive running my business. It allows me to multi-task and stay focused all day long.

Neutein Works, Give it a try!


Verified Purchase - Loved the product. Noticed a difference only after using Neutein for a few days I started having vivid dreams and remembering them the next day. My recall is much better after only a short time. In addition, I find myself able to retrieve information without much of a struggle. I have had friends ask, “How do you remember that?

My memory and retention are vastly better...

Dave N.

I’ve been completely blown away by the high quality ingredients in Neutein! I’ve only taken it for one week, but I’ve already noticed SIGNIFICANT improvement in my focus, and my memory and retention has been VASTLY better at work. Even my wife and kids have commented that they’ve noticed a difference (and my wife has started taking it as well)! Neutein has obviously become a mainstay in our home, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a way to enhance memory and attention!

Noticed a difference the first time...

Edouard Sanchez

The first time I took it I noticed a difference. I was focused, not distracted and all over the place. Usually when there is a lot of chaos going on around me or I need to make a lot of decisions I get overwhelmed, frustrated and shut down. During the first few days of taking it I found myself at the computer getting one project done after another before I realized it must be the Neutein! I took it for over a week and then stopped for a few days to see what if I noticed a difference. Yes I did! I love the clarity and focus I have now!!

Immediate change...

Micki Shulman

Saw an immediate change in focus and recall

Clinical trials show significant improvement in spatial and working memory from Neutein™

Studies show that Neutein™ starts working in 2 hours and 15 minutes but maximizes effectiveness on global cognitive function beyond the 45 day mark.

Effects on Working Memory

Spatial Working Memory is the component of your short term memory that remembers where things are in the space around you. Neutein™ shows significant improvements at 45 days.

Effects on Spatial Working Memory

Spatial Working Memory is the component of your short term memory that remembers where things are in the space around you. Forget where you placed your keys? Can’t remember where you parked your car? Neutein shows up to 2x improvement in spatial memory at 45 and 90 days.

Effects on Verbal Fluency

Verbal fluency measures the brain's ability to plan, organize and complete tasks. Daily use of Neutein significantly improves verbal fluency scores.

Effects on Concentration

In a 2015 open label trial, Neutein™ ingredients significantly improved attention and concentration at 2.25 hours and 4 hours after consuming (average age 58 years old).

Ease of Falling Asleep

Many supplements that improve brain function are stimulants that can negatively impact sleep. However, this clinical trial showed that with daily use Neutein™ can improve your ability to fall alseep at night, which is essential to brain health.

Neutein Is The Best Way To Improve Your Memory, Attention, And Awareness

Backed By Science You Trust!


Finally a brain supplement with the science you can trust. Neutein enhances attention and concentration while making multitasking easier. Just take 2 capsules with water, once per day, and it starts working in as little as 2 hours and 15 minutes. The ingredients in Neutein work via a four pronged...

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