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Clinical Trials

Neutein™ is an exclusive combination of Neumentix™ and FloraGLO™. Each of these powerful antioxidants have been clinically shown to improve your brain health. In total there have been over 70 published research studies using either Neumentix™ or FloraGLO™. On this page we will highlight the 3 most relevant clinical trials that have looked at the ability of the ingredients found in Neutein™ to improve brain function.

We should also mention that there are two more clinical trials that have recently been completely looking at the impact of these Neutein™ components on attention in people of different ages. We'll share those results with you as soon as we can!

Clinical Trial #1 - Immediate Effects

The first clinical trial tested both the immediate and longer term (30 days) effects of supplementing one of the key ingredients in Neutein™, Neumentix™. In this study, research participants took a variety of tests that assessed their attention/concentration, planning, reasoning, and memory.

Within 2.25 hours of the first dose, study participants experienced improvements in tests of attention/concentration, and planning. The improvements in attention/concentration sustained for more than 4 hours.

After 30 days of daily supplementation the study participants reported improvements in cognition. They also scored higher in tests for attention/concentration, planning, and reasoning. 

Clinical Trial #2 - Long Term Effects

Unlike many supplement companies that will stop after one small clinical trial involving their ingredient, the scientists behind the key ingredient in Neutein™, Neumentix™, wanted to build a solid scientific foundation to robustly support clinically validated effects of the ingredient so they invested $1.5 million dollars in a larger, longer, and more scientifically robust clinical trial.

This trial enrolled 90 men and women to participant in a 90 day study. In this study, after 90 days of daily use, the men and women in the study experienced improvements in working memory (which is essentially science speak for “multi-tasking”) and sleep.

The researches initially decided to monitor the study participant’s sleep quality as they were concerned that an antioxidant that has such powerful effects on the brain might keep people up at night. The exact opposite turned out to be true! Study participants experience improvements in their ability to sleep with daily use of a key active ingredient in Neutein™.

This second clinical trial further cemented the power of a key ingredient in Neutein to improve not just brain health but enhancements in overall lifestyle.

Clinical Trial #3 - Further Improvements in Brain Function

In the third clinical trial we will look at the importance of the other ingredient in Neutein™, FloraGLO™. In this study, carried out by researchers at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University.

In this study, 49 study participants were given a daily dose of FloraGLO™ lutein, as found in Neutein™. After taking FloraGLO™ daily for 4 months as part of the study, participants experienced signifiant increases in verbal fluency test scores compared to their scores prior to starting the study. Verbal fluency tests are used to measure changes in executive function of the brain these are the actions of the brain, that let people plan, organize and complete tasks.

Clinical Trial #4 - More Evidence for Immediate Increases in Attention

We will be updating the research summary for the fourth clinical trial as soon as this information is no longer under embargo.